BIT Habitat

The Barcelona Institute of Technology for the Habitat is a non-profit organisation which aims to promote economic, social and urban-planning innovation in Barcelona and respond to the new challenges facing the city.

By means of collaboration among universities, the business community and the general public, it promotes initiatives designed to create a more sustainable city and improve the quality of life of the people who live here.

22@Barcelona Coordinating Committee

BIT Habitat stimulate the 22@Barcelona Coordinating Committee, a municipal body formed by various areas of Barcelona City Council, whose mission is to develop and revitalise the 22@Barcelona project, placing emphasis on social, economic and urban-development.

The committee is working to strengthen 22@’s ties with the area and the general public; to position Barcelona as a benchmark for sustainability and resilience; and to reactivate and gear urban transformation towards a range of uses, including productive activity and housing.

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Ca l’Alier

Ca l’Alier, which is due to open in 2018, is an old nineteenth-century factory in the heart of 22@Barcelona (C/Fluvià, 102-118). It will be an urban innovation centre and a reference point for promoting the green and circular economy, as well as a city model for social cohesion and respecting the environment.

In addition to housing BIT Habitat, it will also be the headquarters of CISCO IoE Innovation Center Barcelona, which will provide a platform for research, technological development and the new market opportunities offered by the internet of things.

Barcelona City Council is carrying out the refurbishment of Ca l’Alier with the aim of preserving the city’s heritage and architectural value, while simultaneously turning the old factory into a smart building with zero emissions.

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